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Morgan Building System's modular buildings are a fast, cost-effective means of producing new space. They are increasingly preferred by private industry, non-profit organizations, and governmental agencies as a viable alternative to traditional construction methods.


Morgan Modular Buildings present a construction method that is responsive to immediate space demands, yet maintains long term efficiency. And modular building construction is environmentaly friendly - you can "Go Green" with Morgan Modulars because modular construction keeps waste to a minimum and reduces the environmental impact at the building site. Modulars allow for recycling of the entire structure, because the buildings can be re-purposed and re-located to meet changing needs.


Every Morgan Modular Building is constructed in one of our own factories with supervision and attention to detail at every step. The building is usually 90% complete before assembly at the site, including structural work, plumbing, electrical, mechanical and exterior finish. The completed building is trucked to the site as "modules" and the final assembly and utility installation will be done there. A building can be complete and ready to use in as little as 8 to 12 weeks.


A Morgan Building is easy to relocate, but can also serve as a permanent facility. Morgan Modular Buildings provide the flexibility of expansion and relocation at any time for the cost of, or less than, conventional construction.


Our company understands that you need dependable, reliable business partners. We stand ready to be that partner.


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