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Morgan manufactures portable and modular buildings, specifically designed for disaster relief operations. One distinct advantage of Morgan buildings is their portability. The buildings can be moved as needs change, to keep crews on the front lines of recovery and repair operations.


Morgan Relief Camps are used by Police, Fire & Rescue teams, National Guard, Red Cross and dozens of other support services including distributors of food and other supplies.


As recovery progresses, agencies responsible for major infrastructure repair call on Morgan to provide reliable housing and support facilities as well.

• Gas & Oil Companies: housing repair crews for refineries and land based operations.


• Utility Companies: fIeld offices and support facilities


• County Workers: moblie housing for road and bridge repair crews.


• Medical Providers: first aid facilities with reliable power and sanitation.


• Food Service: facilities for storage, distribution, preparation and serving.


• Construction Crews: housing for those clearing hazards and rebuilding.


• Security: guard houses and operations centers


Other agencies needing a sustainable base of operations in the affected areas include: Insurance, Emergency Management, HazMat, news media and others.

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Emergency 24-hour Contact Number: (214) 697-3543


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