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Morgan manufactures Portable and Modular buildings, specifically designed for disaster relief operations. One distinct advantage of Morgan buildings is their portability. The buildings can be moved as needs change, to keep crews on the front lines of recovery and repair operations.


As recovery operations progresss, Agencies responsible for major infrastructure repairs call on Morgan to provide reliable Dormitories and Housing facilities as well. Air-conditioned Dormitories provide comfortable, secure sleeping quarters for first responders and repair crews. Versatile open floor plans are also used for field command centers, first-aid stations, security, school rooms and business offices.


The Floor Plans presented below are current and recent models in production at Morgan's five manufacturing plants.

12 X 24 -7-14 PERSON DORM

16 X 40 12-24 PERSON DORM

16 X 40 13-26 PERSON DORM

12 X 40 10-20 PERSON DORM

12 X 40 12-24 PERSON DORM

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