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Over 50 Major Emergency Relief Projects in Recent Years


That’s a track record that demonstrates Morgan’s significant value in times of extreme emergency. We have learned that these needs are not infrequent, and that planning and preparedness are vital. You need to know who to turn to before disaster strikes.


Morgan operates six full-line manufacturing plants, and can custom design, build, ship, and install a virtually self-contained relief encampment, with housing for workers and displaced residents, shower facilities, rest rooms, cafeterias, office space, storage, maintenance, and medical facilities.


During the past several years, devastation from Hurricanes has created an urgent need for relief facilites for both the hurricane evacuees and the first responders to the emergencies. To view examples of units currently in production click the button links below.


Minimal Reliance on Local Resources


Because all of our modular buildings are factory built by our own employees, we control every step of the process from quote to delivery. And with up to 90% of the construction work completed off site, Morgan modular buildings do not consume limited and often expensive local resources. Morgan can build and deliver the equivalent of a complete mid-sized town in less than 90 days – almost anywhere.


Morgan also maufactures PREFABRICATED STEEL HOUSING Units for temporary or semi-permanent residences for evacuees of Disaster Situations.


We deliver critical solutions...on time and on budget.

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